Goodyear to launch bicycle tires with graphene technology

Famous tire and rubber company Goodyear has launched two new bicycle tyres, Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 Supersport utilizing graphene technology and weighing just 180g for a 23mm model.

Goodyear launches graphene-enhanced tires image

The new Eagle F1 is an ultra-high-performance all-round road tire and the Eagle F1 Supersport, which is even lighter, is aimed at the upper echelons of competition and will be suited to road racing, time trial and triathlon where speed trumps all other requirements.

In the tire world, Vittoria has become well-known for adding the wonder material to its tires for several years, and Goodyear has followed suit with its new rubber compound.

Goodyear has developed a proprietary compound enhanced with graphene and next-generation amorphous (non-crystalline) spherical Silica to create what it labels Dynamic:GSR. The result of this is said to be a rubber that is able to deliver low rolling resistance, improved grip in the dry and wet and long-term durability.

The Eagle F1 comes in five width options from 23 to 32mm, while the Eagle F1 Supersport comes in three widths from 23 to 28mm.

To produce the new tire Goodyear has invested in its own factory in Taiwan and has developed a process that allows much greater control over the construction of the tire. It didn’t share too many details, but it believes this enhanced precision contributes to significant weight savings.

Currently the new Eagle F1 and F1 Supersport are only available as clincher tube-type tires, but a tubeless tire is reportedly in the pipeline for a launch later this year.

The new tires will cost from £45 and be in shops in February.

Posted: Jan 26,2020 by Roni Peleg