Grafoid logoThe Canadian Grafoid, along with NAATBatt International from the United States and Phantoms Foundation of Spain, have announced the launch of GO Foundation (Graphene Organization Foundation), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting graphene innovation and commercialization.

GO Foundation supports start-up graphene entrepreneurs, scientific innovators and small and medium enterprises engaged in materials and product development. The foundation's aim is to assist entrepreneurs in bringing their inventions to market. It accelerates the pace of adoption by businesses of materials and products enhanced with graphene; offers a neutral collaborative environment to develop strategies and initiatives, and offers a clustering approach to define graphene supply chains to speed the adoption of graphene in advanced materials and manufacturing.

The foundation's services to clients are intended to spur future graphene technology entrepreneurship, to assist SMEs and individual scientists fulfill their commercialization objectives, and, in part, to bridge government-corporate funding gaps. For industry stakeholders, the Foundation holds the scientific expertise and supporting infrastructures for the establishment of standards - including ASTM standards - for graphene materials and products.