Graphene 3D Lab and Ideum enter agreement to collaborate on product development

Graphene 3D Lab announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Ideum, a company situated in New-Mexico which develops large-scale smart-tables and walls. The agreement lays the foundation for joint research, product development, and marketing between the two companies.

Graphene 3D and Ideum will evaluate and co-develop products by Graphene 3D which can be used as capacitive sensors to interface with Ideum's products. Graphene 3D will also begin commercial on-demand 3D printing of coasters, joysticks, and styluses which Ideum clients can use to interact with their smart-tables. For example, styluses of various shapes, 3D printed in Conductive Graphene Filament, may be used as brushes used in photo editing software to give a more hands-on feel to creative work done on an Ideum smart-table.

The agreement also stipulates that both parties will jointly produce a whitepaper on any research findings. All jointly-developed products will be promoted through Ideum sales channels, and Graphene 3D will partner with Ideum in various marketing activities, including participation in forums and trade shows.

Posted: Jun 19,2015 by Roni Peleg