Graphene 3D Lab unveils new graphene-enhanced filament for 3D printing

Graphene 3D Lab, a leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of proprietary composites and coatings based on graphene and other advanced materials, recently unveiled a new product developed from the G6-Impact material while presenting at the Graphene Malaysia 2016 Conference.

The new Graphene/Carbon Fiber based FDM filament will be marketed as "G6-ImpactTM filament". The G6-Impact filament will feature semi-rigidness prints with outstanding vibration damping and shock absorbing properties. The G6-ImpactTM filament will be targeted towards engineers and professional 3D printing users interested in the areas of vibration damping, thermoformed parts, and printing models or prototypes for use in the automotive, construction, robotics, or aerospace industry.

The G6-Impact filament will be commercially available for desktop FDM/FFF 3D printers in the size of 1.75 mm at 350 grams per spool.

Posted: Nov 13,2016 by Roni Peleg