Graphene 3D Lab wants to 3D print graphene batteries

Graphene 3D Lab filed a provisional application for a US patent for 3D printable batteries. A 3D-printable power source is vital for many printable devices of course. These batteries are based on graphene of course and can potentially outperform current commercial batteries.

Graphene 3D Lab also says that 3D-printed graphene batteries have several advantages over traditional batteries - you can tailor the shape and size to design of the specific device you are printing. The company aims to perform live demonstrations of 3D printed batteries - but they did not say when will this take place.

Graphene 3D Lab is a joint-venture between Graphene Labs and Lomiko Metals. The company focuses on the development of high-performance graphene-enhanced materials for 3D Printing. Graphene 3D Lab trades in the Canadian stock exchange (TSX:GGG), Lomiko Metals holds 15% of Graphene 3D Lab.

Posted: Sep 04,2014 by Ron Mertens