Graphene-based heating devices hit the market

Several companies in China are now commercializing graphene-based heating elements, embedded in wearable and other devices. Many such devices are now available, shipping globally via retailers such as Amazon and others.

BriGenius Graphene Far-Infrared electric heating pad photo

Graphene is an excellent thermal conductor, and using it for heating devices is somewhat surprising. The producers of these devices explain that graphene is strong, thin and flexible, and it provides "pure far infrared radiation" and is also safer and moreenvironmentally friendly compared to other alternatives. Whether this is actually so is an open question.


One example of such a product is the BriGenius graphene electric heating pad, which is a small heating pad to treat neck and shoulder cramps and relief back pane. A 12x15 inch pad costs $54.99 while a larger 12x24 inch costs $64.99.

Moxi far-infrared graphene electric eye mask photo

BriGenius also offers an electric graphene eye mask that can assist with dry eyes, stress, eye fatigue and discomfort, blepharitis or just for relaxation. The eye mask costs $39.99. Moxi offers a similar graphene eye mask for $78.99.

ZJchao offers several graphene heating pads to help treat joint injuries, pains, arthritis and more. ZJchao's Heated Knee Wrap Brace is available for $65.99 while the company's Heated Neck Wrap Brace costs $39.99.

A quick search in Amazon reveals many more such products.

Posted: Feb 19,2018 by Ron Mertens