Graphene-based SuperSand aims to replace activated carbon

Ionic Industries, a subsidiary of Strategic Energy Resources, announced the completion of an independent marketing report on the potential of its graphene-based SuperSand product. This product is meant to be a potential substitute for activated carbon and can offer equal or better performance at a lower (or at least comparable) cost.

The report yielded positive findings that support the company's decision to make SuperSand the first of its products to be produced by its planned graphene oxide manufacturing pilot plant, for which an engineering study is almost complete (with commencement of construction of the pilot plant planned for later in 2015).The company is now focusing on engagement with potential customers in the target areas identified in this marketing report and other studies regarding specific markets.

The global activated carbon market is quite large, with an estimated demand of 1,550,000 metric tons (A$4.8 billion) in 2014 and overall annual growth projected above 7% through 2019 and above 6% through 2024.

Posted: Apr 21,2015 by Roni Peleg