Graphene-enhanced wallpaper for heating homes is being trialed in Wales

A social housing development in Wales is reportedly being heated by graphene-enhanced wallpaper by NexGen Heating, as part of a trial exploring affordable alternatives to radiators and heat pumps to keep residents warm.

The graphene heating system, which aims to look and feel just like traditional wallpaper, can be plugged into a domestic socket, and is packaged with solar panels and a smart battery, meaning it cuts emissions while vastly lowering fuel costs.

NexGen’s Graphene Infrared Heating is one of a number of innovate trials being carried out by housing association Melin Homes thanks to funding through the Welsh Government’s Optimized RetroFit Program.

Melin Homes has collaborated with Swansea University who verified the performance of the technology. It is now in discussions with a range of other registered social landlords, and local authorities who have shown an interest in the trial of the radiant heat system.

The Welsh Government Department for Economy is also working with Torfaen County Borough Council and NexGen to explore opportunities for the firm to establish a manufacturing center in the local area.

Posted: May 31,2022 by Roni Peleg