Graphene-Info is five years old... Happy birthday!

Exactly five years ago, on June 25 2009, I posted the first post on Graphene-Info (a new technique for stamping many graphene sheets onto a substrate at once). I was already interested in graphene for a while then (first hearing about it while working on some OLED news, most likely), but of course it took me a while before I decided to launch this new site.

Back then I didn't think Graphene will take off so quickly. This was before the 2010 Novel Prize and before most people even heard about graphene. I think I was very lucky to stumble upon this technology so early. Anyway - happy birthday to my own site, and I hope that within the next five years we'll see graphene-enabled products that actually enable us to lead better and simpler lives.

Posted: Jun 25,2014 by Ron Mertens