Graphene Nanochem JV signs PlatDrill testing agreement

Graphene Nanochem announced the signing of an agreement with what they called "one of the world's top five international oil companies" for testing and evaluating its PlatDrill series.

Graphene Nanochem's joint venture partner, Scomi-Platinum, was the one to sign the agreement with the unrevealed oil company. The agreement includes the performance of tests by the oil company to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2015, when a potential commercial agreement could be discussed. 

The Graphene Nanochem group aims to expand the market share for PlatDrill and the agreement  aims to support the objective of the group in establishing presence and increasing sales worldwide.

In January 2015, Graphene Nanochem announced a profitable Q4 of 2014, despite negative projections. In September 2014, the company signed a 5-year offtake agreement with Scomi for 135,000 tonnes of graphene-enhanced materials.

Posted: Feb 03,2015 by Roni Peleg