Graphene Security secures first commercial order; Graphene Light Bulbs get ready to hit the UK market

BGT Materials, the UK-based graphene technology company, has announced that it has received the first commercial order for its subsidiary, Graphene Security. GS, developer of flexible and green wireless antenna solutions, has chosen its first application to be in the RFID industry where graphene is used as the antenna inlays. This technology was recently demonstrated in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

BGT Materials has also a second subsidiary, Graphene Lighting, that designs and manufactures next-generation LED lighting, using graphene as a thermal dissipation solution. It has developed the Graphene Light Bulbs, and a full product rollout is underway which includes a full range of home, commercial and street lighting.

Graphene Security Vice President Dr. Thanasis Georgiou said: The securement of this first order for Graphene Security is compelling evidence that we have a uniquely engineered product which is competitively priced while delivering a number of other characteristics including green manufacturing process, easy scalability and unrivalled performance.

Going forward the company is laying the groundwork for floatation in the London Stock Exchange later this year as a UK registered company.

Posted: Mar 23,2016 by Roni Peleg