The Graphene World Summit will address the latest advancements in the global application, standardisation and production of graphene. ​Learn the latest about topics like: 

  • 3D Printing with 2D Materials
  • The Route to Graphene Commercialisation
  • How to Take Lab Discoveries and Turn Them into Something Commercially Relevant

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The Graphene World Summit 2015 programme features presentations from leading experts who are shaping the graphene marketplace. As an attendee, you will hear insightful presentations from:

Soroush Nazarpour Photo
Dr. Soroush Nazarpour, President & CEO,
Group NanoXplore Inc.
Keynote Speaker
Beyond the Experimental Phase: Developing the Market for Graphene
Mark R. Anderson photo
Mark R. Anderson, Founder & CEO,
Strategic News Service
Keynote Speaker
The Maker Movement
Amaia Zurutuza photo
Amaia Zurutuza, Scientific Director,
Keynote Speaker
Scientific Challenges of the Graphene Industry
Prof. Dr. Frank Koppens photo
Prof. Dr. Frank Koppens - Group Leader, Professor
ICFO (Institute of Photonic Sciences)
Keynote Speaker
Introduction to Graphene at the Institute of Photonic Sciences
Keith Blakely photo
Keith Blakely, Founder & CEO,
The InVentures Group
Keynote Speaker
Functionalizing Graphene for Multiple Applications
Ron Mertens photo
Ron Mertens, CEO and Editor-In-Chief
Advisory Board Member

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