GrapheneCA enters MoU with Apis Cor to develop a graphene-enhanced 3D printing system

GrapheneCA, graphene producer and developer of graphene-based technology for industries and consumers, has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Apis Cor to develop a 3D printing system capable of printing graphene materials.

GrapheneCA and its partner Apis Cor, a developer of specialized concrete 3D printing equipment, are discussing a future co-operation in which GrapheneCA will design an extruder and mixing system that can be embedded into Apis Cor’s 3D printer. Together, the two companies are expecting to develop a 3D printing system capable of printing graphene material.

The ability to 3D print graphene material could lead to a breakthrough in the construction industry as printers are expected to locally produce materials such as cement, cut the associated labor costs and significantly reduce construction times.

Our planned collaboration with Apis Cor demonstrates our dedication to integrate graphene into the real world using cutting edge technologies, stated David Robles, Head of Business Development at GrapheneCA. Imagine being able to print a residential 2500 sq. ft. home in a day, for less than $8,000; or envision a mobile 3D printer that can solve current construction bottlenecks. These are a few of the ample possibilities and our discussions with Apis Cor could lay the groundwork for making 3D printed graphene a standard material in the construction process.

Mobile 3D printers capable of locally manufacturing graphene are expected to greatly simplify the process of building in any remote location such as high-risk natural disaster areas or on islands. 3D printers could allow developers to construct buildings able to withhold hurricanes and earthquakes in a matter of days. These advancements are anticipated to bring affordable housing one step closer to becoming a reality.

Material science of 3D printing material is huge area of construction 3D printing industry and requires extensive R&D work. New materials and its advanced properties will open new horizons and technology application, said Nikita Cheniuntai, Apis Cor’s Founder and CEO. Collaborating with GrapheneCA brings us closer to disrupting the 3D printing materials for construction.

Posted: Jul 18,2019 by Roni Peleg