Graphjet Technology partners with Quantum Science to explore graphene-based materials device platform

Malaysia-based graphite and single-layer graphene producer, Graphjet Technology (GTI), has partnered with Quantum Science (QS), a UK-based quantum dot and ink technology developer, to explore technical and commercial opportunities to develop a quantum dot and graphene-based materials device platform.

GTI, which is on its way to a listing on the Nasdaq Exchange following the merger with SPAC Energem Corp, will be responsible for the funding of the development of the platform. At the same time, QS is responsible for developing the platform. GTI expects to contribute up to five million pounds (over USD$5.7 million) towards the platform's development during the deal's term or around three years.


GTI chairman, Lim Hooi Beng, said the collaboration allows the company to push forward with adopting graphene. "We share the common view that just as graphene has driven us to the brink of a materials revolution, quantum dot technology will redefine machine vision and disrupt the imaging and sensor market," he said. Lim expressed confidence that the collaboration with QS will add value to GTI in terms of its brand recognition, technology development and the marketing of its products.

GTI said the development of the flagship new materials platform will start as soon as the agreement is finalized in early 2023.

Posted: Nov 02,2022 by Roni Peleg