Graphmatech and Steelhead Composites to develop graphene-enhanced hydrogen storage tanks

Graphmatech and Steelhead Composites have announced a collaboration on the development and production of a new high performance type IV pressure vessel liner. Expected improvements include reduced hydrogen leakage and increased resistance to extreme thermal and pressure conditions.

The partnership will combine Steelhead Composites’ leading pressure vessel technology, services, and market position with Graphmatech’s graphene-polymer composites for the hydrogen economy.

Graphmatech explains that its patent-pending technology mixes graphene flakes in the polymer matrix evenly, preserving much of graphene’s material properties. In comparison to competing materials, the compamy claims, the resulting graphene-polymer composites are, among other things, less permeable to gas, more electrically conductive, more thermally conductive, and easier to process in a wide range of manufacturing technologies.

“Partnering with Steelhead Composites is a big step forward in our mission to enable the green transition with graphene. We’re eager to develop and launch this graphene enhanced hydrogen pressure vessel liner together,” says Dr. Mamoun Taher – CEO & Founder of Graphmatech.

“As we strive to manufacture and deliver the best hydrogen storage solutions across the globe, we are thrilled to embrace innovative technologies like Graphmatech’s graphene-polymer composites,” says Andrew Coors, CEO of Steelhead Composites.

Posted: Sep 29,2022 by Roni Peleg