HEAD launches Super Joy line of graphene-enhanced skis

International sports equipment company HEAD launches a line of skis that features graphene. Their new Joy line for women boasts several models of skis, enhanced with graphene. The company states that graphene enables them to reduce weight while increasing the product's strength.

Graphene will be used in the midsection of the groomer ski category to allow heavier tip and tail of the ski to grip the snow, and in powder boards graphene was used in the tip and tail to allow the ski to float through the fluff.

The skis are already for sale on amazon.com (note: affiliate link), and are around 20% more expensive than fibergalss or carbon ones. Head also claims a line of graphene-enhanced men's skis is on its way, but with no timetable to speak of.

Head also manufactures graphene-enhanced tennis rackets, for which Applied Graphene Materials supposedly provides the graphene. It is reasonable to assume that AGM also provides Head with graphene to make the Joy skis.

Posted: Dec 01,2014 by Roni Peleg