HEX 6 Industries

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HEX 6 logo imageHEX 6 Industries Incorporated is a U.S -based company that was founded to develop and market significant advances in green nanotechnology processes and green nanotechnology materials.

HEX 6 is an industry agnostic pure science company that does not manufacture any end user products but rather markets its inventions, patents and technologies to industry leading companies that go on to create and improve products using HEX 6's tech.

In January 2023, HEX 6 announced that it had developed and filed patents for its 100% green processes to exfoliate pristine graphene powder, flakes, and sheets. The processes known as "The Laird Methods" are
scalable and capable of economically producing vast commercial quantities of pristine graphene. 


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P.O. Box 6563
Providence, Rhode Island 02940, 02940
United States