Indian EV startup iVOOMi launches electric scooter with graphene battery

An India-based EV startup called iVOOMi has launched the S1 Lite, an electric scooter available with two battery options, Graphene and Li-ion. 

The graphene unit offers a range of up to 75 km and takes 7-8 hours to charge fully, while the Li-ion pack provides a range of up to 85 km and can be charged in under 4 hours. Both variants feature a 1.2 kW motor with 1.8 kW peak power and 10.1 Nm of torque.


The graphene battery variant weighs 101 kg, whereas the Li-ion variant is lighter, tipping the scales at 82 kg.

The scooter will be available across dealerships in India.

The Graphene ion battery option is priced at Rs 54,999 (around USD$660), and the higher-spec lithium-ion variant costs Rs 64,999 (around USD$780). 

Posted: Jun 28,2024 by Roni Peleg