Israel-based SP Nano secures $850,000 to develop graphene-enhanced carbon fiber sizing

SP Nano, a specialist in nanotechnology for enhanced textiles and composite materials, has received $850,000 in grant funding from the US-Israel Bi-national Industrial Research & Development (BIRD) Foundation to develop a system for graphene-enhanced carbon fiber sizing with its USA based partner, Graphene Technologies.

SP Nano is the developer of SP1, a nano-reinforcement protein agent that aims to transform the composite materials and rubber industries by enabling the production of lighter, stronger and sustainable parts. SP Nano is commercializing the use of carbon-based nanoparticles in the rapidly growing $152 billion US mechanical rubber goods (MRG) and $90 billion US composites markets. These markets includes raw materials such as carbon/glass fiber and aramid, and are commonly used in industries such as aerospace, construction, automotive and marine, wind energy and sports equipment.

Posted: Aug 06,2015 by Roni Peleg