Levidian Nanosystems and Zero Carbon Ventures sign UAE decarbonization deal

Levidian Nanosystems recently signed its first customer deal to supply its Levidian LOOP10 system at a site in Abu Dhabi, owned by IDC.

The agreement will see more than 500 LOOP decarbonization systems rolled out across the UAE, together with Zero Carbon Ventures, which will focus on decarbonizing waste gas on landfill and gas flaring sites, partnering with major oil and gas companies, and government agencies across the Emirates.

The ai, is for the deployed LOOP systems to together form a critical supply chain network producing graphene and hydrogen for distribution in the Gulf country.

A single LOOP50 device utilizing waste gas reportedly reduces CO2 equivalent (CO2e) by 100 tonnes per year. Over the course of Levidian’s 10-year agreement with Zero Carbon, the 500 LOOP devices will remove half a million tonnes of CO2e.

Using Levidian’s expertise in nanomaterials and Zero Carbon’s extensive network, the graphene produced by LOOP will be used to enhance and further decarbonize industrial materials in applications like paints and coatings, plastics and composites, building materials, and battery technologies. The clean hydrogen will be used in fuel cells and heat and power applications.

Levidian CEO, John Hartley, said LOOP is at its most powerful when decarbonizing waste gas to generate hydrogen and graphene. "Methane is the most potent greenhouse gas and Levidian’s mission is to turn this gas into a powerful tool for decarbonization", he said.

In January 2022, Levidian announced its plan to start trialing its LOOP device together with National Grid.

Posted: May 29,2022 by Roni Peleg