Lomiko Metals, the Canada-based company engaged in graphene technologies through Graphene 3D Lab and Graphene Energy Storage Devices (Graphene ESD) announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the Spider Charger, an innovative in-wall USB charging device that aims to set a new standard for energy efficiency and convenience.

The Spider Charger is able to safely charge up to eight devices, six with USB connections and two with standard plugs. It works with any type of cellphone, computer, camera or other electronic device. It will not involve graphene initially, but talks with Lomiko imply that at a later stage, the company intends to indeed incorporate graphene into the Spider Charger. 

Lomiko is in the process of a 250-unit production run for the Spider Charger, based on initial interest, to showcase the device to distributors and potential commercial users. Lomiko’s initial market focus is North America, with residential and commercial developers and builders, schools, airport, train and bus terminals, green office buildings and businesses such as coffee shops with a clientele that’s always looking to recharge digital devices.

According to Lomiko, the device appeals to end users who value high energy efficiency, convenience and sleek aesthetics, and features an easy-to-install designer-coordinated package that incorporates the latest advances in miniaturized power management technology. This puts the Spider Charger above bulky power bars that plug into conventional wall outlets.

The Spider Charger Kickstarter campaign

Disclosure: the owner of Graphene-Info is an adviser to Lomiko Metals.