NanoMalaysia, a company under the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) set up to promote nanotechnology commercialization activities, has announced that 360 new products will be commercialized according to the government plans, with Malaysia's National Graphene Action Plan (NGAP) 2020 assisting with some of these products. NGAP2020 aims to generate about 9,000 jobs and RM20 billion ($4.86 Billion) GNI impact by the year 2020.

The minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) announced during a recent ceremony that companies have signed memorandums of agreement (MoUs), which will help to build a local graphene ecosystem and speed up downstream adoption. This adoption of graphene will involve downstream graphene-based application development for specialty and consumer products ranging from tyres, automotive components, water pipes and ultra-capacitors.

The MoUs establish the framework for cooperation to properly be executed by local companies which will develop and produce graphene-based technology and applications. Given the potentially large number of parties involved in this action plan, the government through NanoMalaysia will play an active part in monitoring and coordination to ensure positive progress.