Nanomedical Diagnostics announces name change to Cardea

Nanomedical Diagnostics, a leading manufacturer of graphene biosensors, has announced its corporate name change to Cardea.

The new name aims to reflect a significant expansion of the company's commercial activities, from primarily serving the pharmaceutical industry with ultra sensitive biosensor research tools, to opening its breakthrough biosensor platform for a broad set of healthcare and life science partners.

Cardea has implemented a new business model that allows for OEM partnerships. This gives license partners access to the unique and powerful graphene biosensor infrastructure previously commercialized under the Nanomedical Diagnostics name.

"Our graphene biosensors have the ability to network biology with computers. This technology platform offers a feature the world has never seen before by presenting an immediate way of detecting what's happening in the biology around you. For our Innovation Partners this translates into new market opportunities and competitive advantages, with the ability to build a new generation of products that allow for quick and easy biological insight. As we are the first to offer this kind of technology, we see it as our responsibility to make it available to the world," said co-founder and co-CEO Ross Bundy. "We see the beginnings of an Internet of Biology, powered by Cardea biosensors, that lets biological information be accessed by everyone, instantly."

Current products and business activities under the Nanomedical Diagnostics brand umbrella will continue under the shortened name Nanomed as a Cardea brand. Cardea's new OEM biosensor infrastructure and partnership business will be run under the Cardea name.

Posted: Jan 22,2019 by Roni Peleg