New crowdfunding campaign for graphene-based battery power bank

A new graphene-based fast charging USB-C battery pack has started its crowdfunding quest on Kickstarter. At the time of writing, the campaign already raised $48,860, much more than the pledged $10,000 goal. Describing itself as the world’s first portable USB-C power bank which works using graphene-based composite packs, it is smaller than many power packs available on the market, and promises to be able to recharge in just 20 minutes.

Apollo graphene-based battery power bank on Kickstarter image

The Kickstarter page reads: "Apollo realizes application of graphene composite cell to mobile power pack for the first time in the world (Graphene composite Provided by CellsX). On the basis of the same capacity and the same charging current, the cell with graphene composite material has much smaller internal resistance and better conductivity. Therefore, the temperature rise is lower during super fast charging, so it is safer, and cell swelling and burning will never happen".

Posted: Dec 28,2017 by Roni Peleg