Rimere's graphene to be tested in Holliday Rock's concrete

Rimere, a climate solutions company with proprietary plasma technology, and Holliday Rock, a leading producer of concrete and asphalt in California, have announced a new co-development agreement for Rimere’s graphene to be tested in Holliday Rock’s concrete applications.

The development and testing partnership will see Rimere's graphene tested in Holliday Rock’s concrete for potential incorporation into production. The trial is structured to determine the significance the combination has to enhance concrete’s properties in terms of strength, elasticity, shrinkage, shielding, durability, and penetration.


Rimere is currently developing and testing two independent devices, the Reformer and the Mitigator, that reduce climate harming emissions and enable the use of natural gas to accelerate the transition to a clean hydrogen future. Rimere’s Reformer device produces graphene as a co-product. It transforms natural gas into high-quality graphene and clean hydrogen without generating any CO2 emissions.

"Holliday Rock is a very respected and forward-thinking leader in an industry that is not always thought to be so. Our partnership has been formed with innovation and sustainability in mind and this testing will explore the possibilities that graphene can offer in advancing construction materials. The results could drastically change both the very foundations of the concrete industry, but also help with the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions issues which are some of the most difficult to abate,” said CEO of Rimere, Mitchell Pratt.

"Partnering with Rimere aligns with our goal to deliver high-quality, cutting-edge, sustainable solutions as part of our offering. By integrating graphene into our concrete formulations, we hope to raise the bar for the industry, ultimately increasing the value and utility of concrete, while reducing the carbon intensity of construction,” said Sam Rade, Director of Sustainability and Strategy for Holliday Rock.

Rimere has developed a proprietary process to further functionalize its graphene into graphene oxide. As part of the co-development relationship, Rimere will provide Holliday Rock with graphene oxide to evaluate its performance under typical concrete lab test conditions. The tests are aimed at proving graphene’s potential to improve the properties of concrete.

In February 2024, Rimere secured $10 Million for tech that enables the production of clean hydrogen and graphene

Posted: Jun 19,2024 by Roni Peleg