Saint Jean Carbon announces two graphene-related projects

Saint Jean Carbon has announced that it has been awarded two graphene-related projects from K-Technology USA.

The first project is the development of superconducting wire based on Saint Jean’s provisional patent application for the development of a diamagnetic superconducting wire. The project intends to develop the necessary engineering to make a prototype wire. The second project is to develop a waste energy capture system patented by K-Technology. The project entails the rewiring of the motors (4) on a drone with Saint Jean hyper-conducting wire and engineering an alternator re capture system to recharge the batteries.

Paul Ogilvie, CEO, commented: “The opportunity to apply our developed technology into real world projects, we feel, helps us show the world that producing the very best raw materials for high tech applications can be and are being produced by the Saint Jean team.”

John Kim, CEO, K-Technology USA Inc, commented: “Our Company designs and develops very complex technology for sustainable energy systems. Working with Saint Jean is a pleasure as the team can produce the very material necessary to build out the applications. We have learned over the years that we need to work with companies that are hungry, aggressive and highly dedicated to being a part of the next wave of energy creation and storage applications.”

Both projects are reportedly moving along on time and are expected to be completed in the first half of the new year. The projects highlight the Company’s ability to produce raw materials and apply them into products as a part of a new wave of energy storage and energy creation being used in homes, cars and just about every portable devise on the market.

Posted: Dec 22,2019 by Roni Peleg