Several graphene companies stocks are on the rise, is that a positive sign for the industry?

2020 was a surprisingly good year for many graphene investors, and many stocks saw positive returns. We are following over 15 public graphene companies, and the share price of many of them appreciated nicely, especially in the last few months:

Graphene stock performance in 2020

Some companies saw stellar returns -as you can see in the chart we compiled above, over four graphene companies rose over 150% in the past year, with the top performer over 900%.

Of course it is true that the last year was great for many stock markets, as more and more funds are being channeled into stock exchanges, and of course there's no guarantee this will continue or that investors are being wise. But it seems as if the graphene industry is indeed on a tipping point as new devices based on graphene are being commercialized, projects are maturing and production is ramping up.

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Posted: Jan 04,2021 by Ron Mertens