Sportswear enhanced with Versarien's graphene inks to be tested by the University of Gloucestershire

Versarien recently commissioned the University of Gloucestershire to carry out trials on its graphene-coated sportswear.

Graphene sportswear gets Gloucestershire Uni testing imageImage from article

A research team is to carry out tests on a prototype upper body garment, applied with Versarien's graphene inks ("Graphinks") through a screen-printing process. The clothing is manufactured by partner MAS Holdings. The researchers will compare the material to a selection of other sports garments when worn during high-intensity exercise.

The sportswear trials at the University of Gloucestershire are part of Versarien's ongoing plan to commercialize graphene within the textiles industry through products that harness graphene's thermal and moisture management properties.

The new study will measure the performance of the Versarien prototype in terms of heat and sweat retention and dissipation, compared with other tested garments, as a result of the interaction with the human body during strenuous exercise.

The garments will be worn by national-level runners, during running trials at the university's sports arena and sports science laboratories on its Oxstalls campus.

The responses to the different garment conditions will be evaluated via blood, urine, skin/body temperature and cardiorespiratory measures alongside psychological measures to determine the wetness, thermal sensation and comfort perception of the participants.

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien Plc, said: "This is the next step in the journey to commercialize graphene, building upon our partnership with MAS Holdings to deliver tried and tested graphene-wear to innovative sportswear brands."

Posted: Sep 01,2021 by Roni Peleg