Tirupati Graphite and Monash University to collaborate on development of commercial graphene applications

Tirupati Graphite has entered into a research collaboration agreement with Monash University in Australia to develop commercial applications for a range of graphene products in raw and recycled polymer nanocomposites and dispersions.

The 12-month agreement with the Department of Material Sciences and Engineering specifies that research will focus on enhancing thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties of various polymers and preparation of dispersions for developing a range of commercial products.

The collaboration is meant to complement Tirupati's internal research in advanced materials and composites utilizing Monash's capabilities on polymer and plastic nanocomposites with targeted product development for applications in defense, transportation, and construction industries.

Tirupati will own all the intellectual property from the collaboration with Monash retaining liberty for use in academic publication and further research purposes.

Posted: Oct 05,2021 by Roni Peleg