U.S company to launch graphene-enhanced gloves in Q4 2016

Oros Apparel is a U.S-based company that manufactures thermal outerwear based on aerogel technology. The company is now developing gloves made from graphene-coated aerogels that keep body warmth inside the gloves and insulate from low outer temperatures. We spoke with them to get a better understanding of their graphene activity.

The company says that the graphene, with its high heat conductivity, is placed between the body and the aerogel, thus helping to trap the body heat inside. This yields better insulation than regular aerogels without graphene. In fact, the company states that it is only making gloves and not jackets or other garments as these would be too warm to wear.

The graphene flakes used in this product come from an unnamed Chinese producer, and add about 33% to the cost. The graphene is spray coated onto the aerogels. Oros hopes to start selling this product commercially around September-October 2016 and will launch an Indiegogo InDemand campaign.

Posted: Mar 16,2016 by Roni Peleg