Versarien lays graphene-enhanced concrete in a residential setting

Versarien has executed the use of its graphene-enhanced concrete - this time in a residential setting. The Company poured its product for a property development company at a site in Symonds Yat. This follows the former announcenemt back in May, when the world's first graphene concrete slab was poured for commercial use at Amesbury's Solstice Park for a gym owned and run by military veterans.

Versarien uses graphene-enhanced concrete in a residential setting image

Neill Ricketts, Versarien CEO, said: "We're laying a relatively small concrete slab at Symonds Yat as a forerunner for some much bigger projects."

Neill added: "We're doing this small slab because we are working with the big concrete manufacturers to be able to deliver this product on site. You will be able to pick up the phone and get the concrete delivered to you."

This revolutionary concrete is engineered for sustainability. The production of cement is one of the leading causes of global carbon dioxide emissions, but the new product requires less because of the added strength the graphene provides.

Further residential use of the concrete will follow later this summer in Bolton and an even bigger slab is lined up for a project in Manchester in September.

Posted: Jul 20,2021 by Roni Peleg