Versarien has announced that it is the first graphene company in the world to successfully complete the Graphene Council's "Verified Graphene Producer" program.

The US-based Graphene Council's Program is an independent, third party verification system that involves a physical inspection of the production facilities, a review of the entire production process, a random sampling of product material and rigorous characterization and testing by a leading, international materials laboratory. The Program is based on the most recent developments in globally recognized graphene standards, surveys of graphene producers, researchers and users, as well as analysis of commercially available graphene products.

The Graphene Council has designed this program to be a new way to provide customers and end-users with a degree of confidence, that they are sourcing material from a reputable supplier.

Terrance Barkan, Executive Director of The Graphene Council, commented: "Successful commercialization of graphene materials requires not only the ability to produce graphene to a declared specification, but to be able to do so at a commercial scale. It is nearly impossible for a graphene customer to verify the type of material they are receiving without going through an expensive and time-consuming process of having sample materials fully characterized by a laboratory that has the equipment and expertise to test graphene. The Verified Graphene Producer program developed by The Graphene Council provides a level of independent inspection and verification that is not available anywhere else. We are pleased to have worked with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the UK, regarded as one of the absolute top facilities for metrology and graphene characterization in the world. They have provided outstanding analytical expertise for the materials testing portion of the Program."

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien, commented: "We are delighted that Versarien is the first graphene producer in the world to successfully complete the Graphene Council's Verified Graphene Producer program. This is a huge validation of our technology and will enable our partners and potential customers to have confidence that the graphene we produce meets globally accepted standards. There are many companies that claim to be graphene producers, but to enjoy the benefits that this material can deliver requires high quality, consistent product to be supplied. The Verified Producer program is designed to verify that our production facilities, processes and tested material meet the stringent requirements laid down by the Graphene Council. I am proud that Versarien has been independently acclaimed as a Verified Graphene Producer and look forward to making further progress with our collaboration partners and numerous other parties that we are in discussions with."