The world's first graphene-enhanced fishing rods by G-RODS

G-RODS is a new American fishing rod company that aims to revolutionize the fishing world by introducing graphene to the industry. The company is said to be carrying a selection of 55 products already on the market, all fishing rods, that contain graphene. The rods are claimed to be amongst the best in the world, wielding great power, sensitivity and responsiveness.
The rods are made of a toray carbon fiber-graphene blend, and the graphene is integrated inside each layer of the rod's blank construction to give it tremendous strength (about 30%-50% more strength than a 100% carbon fiber rod).  Since some of carbon fiber has been replaced with graphene inside the blank layers, the rods are much lighter, around 30%-50% lighter than rods made with graphite and carbon fiber. The rods are already available on the company's site and are divided into groups according to the type of fish they are meant to be used on. The price range is around $90-$800.
Posted: Aug 30,2015 by Roni Peleg