ZEN Graphene Solutions develops new graphene-based fuel additive

ZEN Graphene Solutions has announced that it has developed a stable diesel fuel additive, which increased the performance of diesel fuel by up to 10% in initial testing. Zen stated that these promising early results can be improved further through additional optimization work. ZEN has filed a provisional patent for this graphene-based fuel additive technology.

Greg Fenton, ZEN CEO commented: Energy and fuel are crucial to global economic prosperity, but also represent our biggest challenge from an environmental standpoint. With global market estimates for diesel fuel alone near $1 trillion, the size of the challenge to reduce emissions from this level of demand is massive, but so is the opportunity for novel solutions to help us be more efficient in our usage. Global challenges of this magnitude require a number of solutions and as a developer of nanotechnologies that help protect people and the environment we are excited to contribute with technology that is easily delivered into fuels to improve efficiency and create value for our shareholders in the process.

Given substantial government and corporate commitments to reduce emissions, we are actively pursuing funding and partnership opportunities to bring our technology to market as soon as possible. As part of this strategy, we have engaged Public Affairs Advisors to lobby, educate and explore opportunities with various key government stakeholders. We look forward to providing more insight on this extremely exciting cleantech opportunity in due course. added Mr. Fenton.

Zen says that testing was carried out on a Gunt single-cylinder test engine at Conestoga College in Waterloo, Ontario. The graphene-based additive can be easily added to diesel, biodiesel, and syndiesel, and has significant potential opportunities in gasoline and aviation fuels.

Additional research is currently underway between Zen and its university partners.

Posted: Jun 02,2021 by Roni Peleg