Zentek announces new project for graphene-enhanced battery components for the automotive industry

Zentek recently announced the start of a 4-year, CAD$1,600,000 (around USD$1,172,000) research project in collaboration with Professors Mohini Sain and Ning Yan from the University of Toronto (“U of T”) and Ford Powertrain Engineering Research and Development Centre (“PERDC”).

Funding for the project includes CAD$1.2 million (around USD$879,000) from the Mitacs Accelerate program. Prof. Sain is the Endowed Ford Motor Canada Chair in Sustainable Materials where he is active in the field of light energy storage including cell chemistry and renewable fuel battery development at PERDC, and Prof. Yan is the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Bioproducts. Collaborating with the PERDC and testing at this facility is essential to demonstrate battery advances at a scale suitable for the automotive industry. 

Greg Fenton, CEO of Zentek, said: “This is an important research project to seek to develop next generation graphene-based battery materials to potentially enhance energy density, increase charging rates and improve battery safety.” 

 The project seeks to test novel concepts for the purpose of inventing multifunctional materials to be used in automotive battery components including anode, cathode, electrolyte, and separator. Zentek will be working in tandem with U of T researchers providing and testing advanced graphene materials including Zentek’s patent-pending anode material.

Posted: Oct 31,2022 by Roni Peleg