Zenyatta Ventures announces name change to ZEN Graphene Solutions

Zenyatta Ventures has announced that it has obtained TSX Venture Exchange approval and has changed its name from Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. to ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd.. The name change reflects the Company’s decision to focus its development plans for the Albany Graphite Project on the graphene nano-material product opportunity.

The Company stated that the unique genesis and microcrystalline structure of the high-purity Albany Graphite mineralization gives ZEN a significant competitive advantage in producing mono-layer to few-layer graphene that is in the highest demand. The Company reported that it is presently assessing the various graphene conversion methods developed within its network of collaborative research partners with the goal of defining various scalable, low-cost, low-energy and environmentally friendly production methods.

In the near future, ZEN plans to source the appropriate equipment required for graphene production and begin working with its partners on new technology development. The name change is the next logical step for ZEN to clearly signal to its future customers and investors its commitment to becoming a global leader in graphene technology.
Posted: Jan 16,2019 by Roni Peleg