Haydale enters collaboration agreement with Talga Resources

Haydale has announced an agreement with Australian technology materials development company Talga Resources. As part of the collaboration, Talga and Haydale will jointly explore industrial scale business cooperation opportunities utilising Talga graphitic carbon nanomaterials, graphite and GNP’s value-added with Haydale’s proprietary low temperature plasma functionalization treatment and end user demand chains. 

The initial project will be for Haydale to analyse Talga carbon nanomaterial samples with aims of using those materials in its ongoing composite or ink research programmes and develop tailored finished or functionalized products that can be supplied to both Haydale and Talga’s end users or intermediaries for integration by them into their end use applications. Haydale is hopeful that this initial project will, over time, lead to additional projects with associated revenue streams.

Posted: Jul 09,2015 by Roni Peleg