3D Graphtech is looking into two potential 3D printing graphene opportunities

Back in August, 3D Graphtech Industries (established in Australia by Kibaran Resources and the 3D Group) signed an initial agreement with Australia's CSIRO organization to investigate research opportunities in 3D printing using graphite and graphene inks.

3D Graphtech now announced that it is assessing two potential opportunities. The first is the development of a scalable manufacturing technique to produce a high-volume of high quality graphene at low cost, while the 2nd is the development of a piece of equipment to produce graphene composite polymer thermoplastic filament for extrusion 3D printers that contain graphene.

3D Graphtech is in talks with CSIRO regarding an extended partnership to conduct further research. Kibaran is also talking to several high-tech groups for the manufacture of graphite-based 3D printed objects and components.

Posted: Oct 27,2014 by Ron Mertens