UK-based cycling brand AbsoluteBlack has added a new graphene chain lube product to its portfolio, which comes with considerable promises of efficiency, impressive watt savings, and a rather high price.

AbsoluteBlack's new graphene chain lube image

The cycling brand's newly developed hydrocarbon lubricant contains graphene, and AbsoluteBlack claims that its formulation has outstanding durability per application, delivering reduced friction for prolonged periods of use.

Two years in development, the graphene lube blend is free of toxic solvents, using a wax-based water emulsion with an inherently superior resistance to moisture to thwart chain friction.

Correctly applied, the durability claims are tremendous. AbsoluteBlack says that a single application of its new lubricant will last effectively for up to 1800km of riding. The graphene is said to enable this lubrication endurance, as it has a low friction coefficient and can successfully fill all the minuscule surface imperfections, preventing abrasion.

Graphene also repels water and resists oxidation, reducing rust exposure on the chain. Due to its strength, the Company says that even a single atom layer of graphene can be an extremely effective lubricant additive. AbsoluteBlack's control testing has seen this new lubricant record a claimed energy saving of up to seven watts.

AbsoluteBlack is marketing its new graphene lubricant in two volumes. The 14ml canister retails for £11.99 ($14.95) and 140ml of AbsoluteBLACK graphene lube, prices at £114.99 ($145.95).