AGP enters agreement with Nanosphere for the supply of graphene for the production of anti-corrosion paint

It was recently reported that Advanced Graphene Products (AGP) has signed a long-term deal with Nanosphere to supply large amounts of graphene, which will be added to the anti-corrosion paint used in the production of innovative next-generation automotive driveshafts. They will be installed in vehicles by various European manufacturers, including BMW.

"The contract with Nanosphere was concluded by the end of 2028, under which each year we will supply graphene for the production of as much as 60 tons of anti-corrosion paint. This is our second implementation of Polish graphene on an industrial scale. The first was to start the production of filament for 3D printers with the addition of graphene. We are very pleased that less than six months after our debut on the New Connect market, we can boast of real commercial implementations. So far, graphene has been treated as a material mainly used in R&D departments. Today we can talk about the use of graphene on a mass scale. We are working on new products with graphene that will be used in the automotive, aviation, energy and chemical industries "- commented Maciej Gałązka, President of AGP, quoted in the release.

Nanosphere has developed an anti-corrosion powder paint for the driveshaft manufacturer NEAPCO Europe, which will be used in parts of the drive train of renowned car manufacturers, including BMW, Mini, Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Volkswagen and FORD. The paint composition includes graphene produced by Advanced Graphene Products.

The contract we signed is part of a wider project carried out by the driveshaft manufacturer NEAPCO Europe. Its goal was to implement a new type of driveshafts for electric and hybrid vehicles. An important element of the project was to improve the anti-corrosion properties and reduce the weight of this component, which was achieved, among others, by thanks to the pioneering use of graphene in the production of paint covering the driveshafts. Our graphene has met the high quality expectations and will soon be used in the production of driveshafts for the largest automotive concerns. It is a contract with which we place great hopes. It is long-term in nature and will provide us with a strong development impulse, added the president of AGP.

Advanced Graphene Products produces graphene flakes (GO, rGO), designed for applications such as carbon composites, epoxy resins, 3d filaments, paints, anti-corrosion coatings and polymers. It has signed letters of intent and contracts for the development of commercial applications of graphene with companies such as: Kross, GRM System, European Space Agency, Frako-Term, GM Color, or Pimar-Plastics. In addition, AGP has its own patented technology for the production of surface graphene from liquid metal - HSMG. The company made its debut on the NewConnect market on November 29, 2021.

Posted: Apr 27,2022 by Roni Peleg