Alé releases the Velocity G+ graphene-enhanced cycling jersey

Alé Cycling recently released a graphene-enhanced cycling shirt called the Velocity G+ jersey. The new jersey sells for around £230 and uses a graphene-based fabric that Alé claims allows an active interaction between the body and the fabric.

Ale releases the Velocity G+ jersey image

Alé says that this new G+ fabric is able to effectively equalize body temperature, creating the ideal microclimate to keep cyclists comfortable even in the most unpleasant weather conditions.

Alé says that the Graphene is used to strengthen the membrane and allows the fabrics to work with the body to regulate the heat produced.

Aside from the fabric itself, Ale says that the jersey is cut for racers and offers an aero fit. The sleeves are made from Alé’s Clima Aero fabric that has been tested in wind tunnels and whose textured surface replicates the aerodynamics of a golf ball, resulting in considerably less drag.

The reason for the price hike is that Graphene is still rather expensive and combining it with other materials takes quite a bit of development work. So far in the cycling world, we’ve seen graphene in tyres with Vittoria’s G series, Dassi uses graphene in frames and AbsoluteBlack just launched some quite expensive graphene chain lube.

Posted: Jun 21,2020 by Roni Peleg