Investment group Alpha Deal Group started covering Lomiko Metals (TSXV: LMR), stating that Lomiko is a "uniquely positioned junior graphite resource company and graphene technology incubator company". Alpha sees Lomiko's value being 166% higher than it's current market price.

Lomiko's current market cap is C$10.24 million. Lomiko holds 4.4 million shares (11.23% interest) of Graphene 3D Labs (TSXV: GGG) - which is worth C$5.85, and Lomiko has cash and equivalents worth a further C$4.86 million. So the company is worth less than its holdings and cash - while in addition it holds the Quatre Mills Graphite property and the Vines Lake property, and has a strategic alliance agreement with Graphene 3D Lab to access technology.

According to Alpha Deals, Lomiko's graphite ores are valued at C$30.12 million (C$10.97 million for its natural graphite ore, C$16.99 for its spheroidal natural graphene and C$2.16 million for graphite it will supply to Graphene 3D).

You can read the full report from Alpha Deal Group here. The report includes a good overview of the Graphite market, an in-depth look of Lomiko's graphite mines and the company's investment in Graphene 3D Lab.

Lomiko Metals (TSXV: LMR)
Currently $0.07 per share

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