Anson Resources enters agreement with Chinese steel company to develop graphene-based products

Anson Resources recently announced signing an MOU with China’s Shanxi Jianbang Group, to collaborate on steps towards commercialization of graphite and graphene products from Anson’s graphite.

The Shanxi Jianbang Group intends to conduct test work to assess the suitability of the Anson's graphene for use in Shanxi Jianbang’s rebar products; Testing will also be conducted to assess Anson’s graphite as a re-carburiser in its cast iron products and refractory materials.

Jianbang is a medium sized Chinese steel business, which annually produces 1 million tonnes of iron, 4 million tonnes of steel products (mainly for construction) and 300,000 tonnes of precision castings. Jianbang is privately owned and has investments in iron ore projects in Western Australia.

In April 2016, Anson Resources announced that single layered graphene has been produced from graphite flakes from the Company’s Ajana Graphite Project, located in Western Australia.

Posted: May 05,2016 by Roni Peleg