Applied Graphene Materials to go public tomorrow in the UK

Last month we reported that UK's Applied Graphene Materials (AGM, previously Durham Graphene Science) plan to raise £10 million by going public in the UK's AIM stock exchange. Today it is reported that AGM's offering will go live tomorrow (November 20).

The company will offer 7.09 million shares at 155 pence each. Following the placement, AGM will have 16.8 million shares, and the market capitalization will be £26.2 million (a little over $42. million).

AGM, a spin-off from Durham University, developed a unique and scalable bottom-up CVD approach to synthesize graphene. Their current annual production capacity is one tonne of graphene (I'm assuming these are graphene flakes). The company will upgrade its plant to eight ton capacity (this will take about 18 months).

Posted: Nov 19,2013 by Ron Mertens