Applied Graphene Materials updates on collaboration with SHD and Magna Exteriors

Applied Graphene Materials, producer of specialty graphene materials, has announced results of its collaboration with Magna Exteriors and SHD Composites on the W Motors Fenyr SuperSport tailgate. The product is being presented by Magna at the 2018 JEC conference in Paris. The collaboration has seen Magna enhance the tailgate of W Motors' performance-focused supercar using AGM's graphene-enhanced Epoxy Prepreg, supplied by AGM's commercial partner SHD.

This development follows the launch of a range of AGM graphene enhanced prepreg materials by SHD in March 2017, with SHD subsequently developing an industry-leading graphene enhanced epoxy prepreg system - MTC9810. MTC9810 is a tangible demonstration of the ease by which AGM's "process-ready" graphene dispersions can be adopted by the composites industry, with minimal disruption to existing manufacturing routes, and deliver cost effective performance gains. MTC9810 is supported by a strong mechanical database that exhibits outstanding mechanical properties, particularly in fracture toughness, interlaminar shear strength and fatigue life.

Included in Magna's design, the MTC9810 prepreg aims to mechanically enhance the W Motors Fenyr SuperSport tailgate by offering increased torsional stiffness, interlaminar shear strength and laminate fracture toughness, in addition to improved surface finish, in-service fatigue life and enhanced properties under hot and wet conditioning.

The long-term aim of the collaboration is to build on the delivered baseline mechanical enhancements and ultimately move towards designing in many of graphene's multi-functional capabilities on future joint development programs, to offer additional benefits such as extended life moisture barrier performance, conductivities and even energy storage.

In March 2017, Applied Graphehe Materials provided an update on the progress of its graphene work.

Posted: Mar 11,2018 by Roni Peleg