Astra Energy announces agreement with Sustainable Energy Technologies for graphene/lithium-ion supercapacitors

Astra Energy has announced a strategic partnership agreement with Sustainable Energy Technologies (”SETI”) to supply Astra with the SETI Power Pack (SPP), the Company’s next generation energy storage solution that is a hybrid Graphene/Lithium-ion Supercapacitor intended to replace the need for traditional batteries.

In the PR, it was stated that: "When coupled with SETI Power Packs, the Holcomb Energy Systems (“HES”) In-Line Power Generator (“ILPG”) and the HES Self-Sustaining Power Plant in particular, are optimized to provide the end user with near continuous energy generation capability. Installing SPPs in series with an ILPG will enhance the overall effectiveness across the charge and discharge cycles, resulting in maximized operating efficiency of the HES Self-Sustaining Power Plant".


The arrangement serves to engage both companies in the process of delivering a first-in-class energy generation and storage solution.

“We are eager to bring the most advanced energy system to both SETI and Astra customers. Most exciting is the breadth of solutions that our combined systems can support. We truly can reach a countless number of industries,” said Chris Sanders, CEO of SETI. “It’s time for the renewable energy industry to push the solutions envelope and move into the 21st century. Astra and SETI combined are a significant step in that transition.”

Posted: Oct 04,2023 by Roni Peleg
Jeff Maj (not verified)

Why does a free energy generator need a energy storage capacitor/battery?

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