Australian graphite company Bora Bora to commercialize Monash University's graphene products

Australian graphite company, Bora Bora Resources (ASX: BBR) signed an agreement to exclusively supply Monash University with graphite from its Matale Graphite project in Sri Lanka. The same agreement also gives Bora Bora the exclusive right to develop a commercialization plan with Monash University for each of the three patents developed by Prof Dan Li and his team at the University.

Using natural graphite as the starting material, Prof Dan Li’s group at Monash University has developed a chain of platform technologies for cost-effective, scalable synthesis/processing and multi-scale structural engineering of graphene-based macroscopic materials. The research team developed graphene gel-based films and foams incorporate well-designed hierarchical structures with potential applications in energy storage/conversion, membrane separation, biomedicine, ultrasensitive sensors and aerospace materials.

Posted: Jun 06,2014 by Ron Mertens