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Avadain company logo imageAvadain is a U.S-based producer of graphene flakes. Avadain’s technology produces graphene flakes at low cost using a patented, ecofriendly process.

Avadain states that it produces large, thin and very few defect flakes, produced in industrial volumes at a reasonable price.

Avadain’s technology uses optimized Electrochemical Exfoliation and Expansion to produce graphene flakes with a 70%+ yield using a new, green process that was originally invented and patented by Fraunhofer in Germany and funded by Panasonic Corporation.

Avadain’s prototyping has demonstrated that its patented technology reliably produces large, thin and very few defect graphene flakes using a batch process. The next step for the Company is to convert to a high-throughput continuous flow process for producing metric tons of high-quality graphene flakes at low cost.

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746 DENT
Eads, TN 38028
United States