Avadain raises $4.5 Million through Netcapital

Avadain has completed a $4.5m capital offering through Netcapital, a digital private capital markets ecosystem. Avadain had already raised approximately $1.4 million through its initial offering on the Netcapital funding portal platform in 2022.

The Company plans to use the capital to continue its mission of growing its green, globally patented process for manufacturing a unique form of graphene. The Company envisions the application of its graphene in a myriad of industries.


Avadain CEO, Brad Larschan, stated: “We were extremely pleased by the support we received from more than 1700 investors in our second capital raise through the Netcapital funding portal platform. Our investment story is about the disruptive market potential for our high-quality graphene, produced using our green, globally patented technology, and led by proven management and advisors. Our investment profile is resonating with investors, and we deeply appreciate the interest and confidence shown by our existing and new stakeholders.”

Posted: Nov 03,2023 by Roni Peleg