The best of 2021 - top graphene stories

2021 will soon be over - and the graphene industry faced another year with COVID-19 implications, but also of new projects, new products on the market and exciting new graphene research.

Here are the top 10 stories posted on Graphene-Info in 2021, ranked by popularity (i.e. how many people read the story):

  1. Graphene oxide gives a boost to new intranasal flu vaccine (May 4)
  2. Graphene-based concrete used in a commercial setting for the first time (May 26)
  3. Graphene-enhanced G1 Wonder mask - hands on review (Jan 23)
  4. Researchers take a closer look at a mysterious graphene oxide phenomenon (Sep 15)
  5. "Flash Graphene" process modified to produce graphene from rubber waste (Mar 30)
  6. Graphene-enhanced concrete: recent developments (Aug 10)
  7. First commercial contract for GO-enhanced water filtration membranes (Aug 2)
  8. GMG updates on graphene aluminum-ion batteries performance (May 12)
  9. Companies respond to graphene masks "health hazard" scare (Apr 6)
  10. GAC's graphene-battery powered Aion V to enter production in September 2021 (Feb 2)

Here's for a healthy and exciting 2022!

Posted: Dec 27,2021 by Ron Mertens